Timmo! Man from the bush, Depudy PM! Trade Minister! Somehow Tim has been the statesman like one in all this Governments weird meanderings, only just mind you, a whisker above Johnny's dithering and politiking, Tim's been the one to sound and even look abit like he might be in control, or at least have a slight handle on the game. 3 out of 10 for trying, Tim.
Yup, Tim's even managed to keep lively Queensland activists Bob Katter and Little Billy O'Chee somehow in line, nearly most of the time, even though Katter was talkin serious defection (to Campbell's Australia First Party), earlier in the year over something to do with the Nationals line being heard loud and clear in the ear of little Johnny Howard, something like that, abit of a Queensland thing I spoze, they seem to think that noone hears them in Canberra, but strewth cobbers, sometimes you lot are all we hear about, particularly your mate Pauline.