AndyPC sits on Rundle St, Adelaide, outside

      a Hotel, where students and art-types sit,

      at some point, during any week. Students and

      accountants all come here, some have seen

      Konstrukto. A new generation of Australians

      roam the streets, work and persue dreams,

      with things changing in a Conservative mold.

      AndyPC argues with images, digitaly forged,

      that it's a rip-off and we need more.

      AndyPC has agreed to a brief chat.

      We begin at 5pm.

Not smoking AndyPC?

    No, I've given it the flick, wanted to breathe air again. It's great.

Mind if I do?

    No, temptation is all around, but I am a well-spring of resolve!

    (Andy laughs manicly)

Why is Konstrukto the only ezine in Australia doing heavy graphics?

    I'm from the school of Russian Constructavism, but instead of the "poster"

    supporting the work of the prevailing party, it actively works against the agenda.

    It's a new area. The net is a definition free zone . It works

    outside the restrictions of the art world and publishing norms. It's all

    up for reinvention. The individual can tool up and publish. You are the media.

Editorially do you care about being so unobjective in Konstrukto?

    Not at all, the text is an extention of the cartoon, as a citizen I have

    the public right to express my intolerance and bias, the idea that art

    must have distance from politics is as absurd as the church ignoring

    current events. Only when things are under control should we indulge

    ourselves in art-for-arts sake, but then we should be even more on the lookout

    for laimness.

Are you a member of any political party or political organisation?

    No. Other than the eParty, which I founded in 1984, as an agitprop

    artwork, which used the letter e as dogma. The eParty is presently

    suffering increased interest since the rise of neo-idiot organisations in

    this country and particularly after the last election. Konstrukto is the rational

    front for the eParty. Konstrukto gets a dozen enquiries a week for eParty

    membership, after newbies find the eParty site. Everyone is screened.

What is the e Party? Does it have electoral ambitions? Does it have

affiliations with the drug "ecstacy"?

    The eParty has the same effect as the e drug, but delivers with edeology.

    It has a policy of total non-discrimination on the basis of sex and race,

    since everyone has the potential to become e. It is the final position

    for the concept of the large political party and the application of social

    cohesion: extremist in dogma and socially popular. Howard has always

    used "low-level e radiation", he learnt it from Hawke, who was a master.

    In the 70's Howard had all the same incredulity that he has now, but then

    it was naf, now he's Prime Minister!

    (Andy laughs and takes a long sip of wine, shaking his head.)

How many flames has Konstrukto got?

    Only 2. They were used as the basis for the Konstrukto6 hate-mail page.

    Konstrukto recieves a dozen emails of endorsement every week. It is a support

    site, not an educational one. I can't imagine anyone changing the way they vote

    after seeing Konstrukto!

How's the wine?

    Great. It's from McLaren Vale, my favorite.

Who will win the next Federal election?

    The ALP, like Gareth says. One Nation will snuff it and the Libs will shoot

    themselves in the foot. It's just a matter of time.

Have you ever met Gough Whitlam?

    Yes. Well, I went to a lunch where Gough spoke. I also met Timothy Leary

    in a lift in Tokyo. He asked me how to get to the ground floor, and carried a

    Scotch out into the Shibuya streets. I've met everyone around here.

How long will Konstrukto continue?

    While there is a need for a "free media" agitprop to push back the other way,

    promoting a liberal, small l, way of seeing, as long as it is necessary, probably

    until the next Federal election, Konstrukto will exist. There was no need for it

    while Keating was in.

Have you any words of advise for Australians?

    Join the eParty as soon as you can. Make sure you attend as many eParty

    Rallys as is possible, they will be occurring more frequently and in rural areas.

Thanks for your time AndyPC, I know you have to go and do some

more graphics for Konstrukto, so I won't hold you up.

    Yes, I must be off immediately and process the pixels, for there are many things to do

    before the fall of the Government. Onward!