From: Bob in heaven. To: Konstrukto readers.

Dear readers,

Look, people have really got me wrong. I mean I fancied the young royal filly, that's what I meant when i said, you know, "saw her passing by, love her till I die" and all that. It wasnt a thing I wanted dragged up forever or for my memory to be used as a metaphor by these dumb-assed monachists like Robert Hill and Nick Minchin to muddy the waters. Federation would be more enhanced with a Yes Vote! Why we didn't get it over and done with back in 1901 I just don't know.

Young Costello seems to be on the money, even though he is more of a zeolite than I ever was. He should stand up and say it how it is: Republic now, if not now then later, but it is inevitable.








Bugger me your majesty, but I think even she would go gracefully into the night, when told firmly by the Australian People in their right mind. Which is what you should all do during this referendum on Nov 6.

Besides being typecast by Liberals keen to turn me into an arch conservative, I was a man of the Gestalt, a Progressive figure, with an eye for the future and i detested nay-saying just for its own sake, although it can be fun and I did quite abit of it to stir Labor and remain in power. But frankly I was a Republican and certainly insist all conservatives vote Yes to this excellent model.

Infact, it is in retrospect a tad unpatriotic to be as much an Anglophile as I was. What was i thinking? I suppose the young filly got all our blood flowing a sturdy blue instead of its natural deep red. How clearly I see things now.


I also think the direct electionists are barking up the wrong tree and are pretty well suggesting we elect a pop star to the job of a clerk. Why would you want a popular figure like Ita Buttrose or Big Kev to be President? (Actually, Big Kev's got something going for him . . . )

So all you conservo's like Sophie, Bonython, Kerry and the rest, why dont you stop scaremongering and just get positive and vote yes on this one, like your old Bob mentor suggests, eh? Get over whatever exactly it is your holding onto and accept the fact that the kids want this thing and if they don't get it they'll only bring it up again when your gone. Ashes to ashes.


Old Ming.

2 time Australian Prime Minister and devoted Anglophile, Nationalist and Republican.