MAY 1999


Konstrukto is the ezine for naf young liberals. Eat it up kids. We think your've got it wrong and we got animation to tell you so. Howard pursues a divide and rule approach to Australian society, using the policy of One Nation as a means to service his business mates. Its crook but they will fade away.

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The Libs rev up for more IR Reform.

Libs sprung in seedy debarcle with Keating.



DIY Union-Smashing Web Dock style. (1998)

Costello does the Macareena. (1997)





John Elliot seems to be being wheeled out again lately, probably under his own steam but should never the less be congratulated on good recent efforts at causing division within the party. He draws attention to the perential crisis in the identity of the conservatives, an amalgam of monied who are devoted to that as fetish and the personal ideology of the individual to make as much of it as they can, at almost any expence. But he mouths off. A beer manufacturing, footy culted, beer and cigarette consuming conservative commentator businessman. The original. He is the original John Laws, Stan Whateverhisnameis, Bob Francis style loudmouth.

In declaring Howard to be "a bit boring", Elliot adds a pure bawdiness to the Libs that only Wilson Tuckey has come close to.

He is right in noting that the plods have come to the fore, particluarly in the Senate where it is a house load of Mr MGoo. Dull people saying dull things.

Elliot reminds us that the same people who ran the Liberal Party when he was President are still there, "Its a worry", says John, he laments that its only old people who are in politics and this will lower the level of the game.

Obviously we need more businessmen like Elliot in parliament, so they can get the portfolios that they have shares and business interests in, to reflect the conditions condusive to the generation of said profit and get the bloody country really flyin again! It'd be a conflict of interest situation but bugger it mate, thats how things are bloody done in the Liberal party.


Elliot also goes on to remark that the Senate is an obstacle to Government getting its policy through and implimented. "How can the people actually judge them when they cant get their policy up." This is all a great current convienience since the Libs used the Senate to great effect to obstruct the Whitlam Labor Government by blocking the Supply Bill in 1975. Outrageous!

Somehow Howard, Kennet, Elliot and many others on that side of politics currently seem to forget the political structure we work under and why there is an upper house. Remember? The lower house generates the bills and the upper house further reviews and amends them?

Any talk about the abolition of the Senate makes the avarage Australian abit uneasy only because its a grab at totalitarian style power! Qld worked like a perfectly grafted machine once Joh Bjelke -Petersen got rid of the Senate in Queensland! No wurries cobber!


We must convince the citizens of South Australia to vote for a Republic! SA alone could topple any popular vote toward a Republic simply because we require all states to agree in a Federation and SA lags behind significantly. SA, more than any other state is full of lovers of the hiereditary-pier priciple, being an experimental land- owners paradise from the outset, business partners simply bought blocks before the place was actually discovered in 1836 and whinged and whined about leaving Britian ever since! Then various "satelite cities" sprung up in the 1960's and were packed with more Brits, one called Elizabeth was named directly after HRH. Combine this with low rainfall and a complete lack of convicts and SA can really drag its feet when needed, currently leading the way in looking backwards.

Pickup your game SA! The only good thing your old dwindling money produced was the most useful Don Dunstan!


The parliamentary elected model prevents popular power distortion and should be supported. Do we really need a personality as a Governor General (President)? The position is for a public servant after all. All we need is an Australian, any Australian will do.