Cheryl Kernot is a winner, she knows that the real team to be with is the ALP, the natural Government. She has created folklore with a fantastic decision, universally regarded as brave, innovative and astute. Our admiration goes out to her with this move and Konstrukto predicts Kernot will be PM one day, a good thing for Australia. Howard and the gang are kacking their dacks, grasping at straws to define her as a traitor, sighting the SA state election advertisments as testimony to her betrayal of Democrat voters. The Democrats have tons of talent and will cope. Kernot acted decisively in joining the ALP and Konstrukto thinks Stott-Despoija should come on over aswell! Or lead the Democrats, struth, why dont they all defect over to the ALP! Ex Liberal Don Chipp coined the phrase, "Keeping the Bastards honest!", he never liked Kernot anyway, move on, evolve, get with the strength, come on down, defect and Govern! Get little Johnny and the losers out of power!