Konstrukto GST update current for 16 May 1999.

For those who haven't been listening, a revolution in state/federal revenue coupled with personal tax cuts and a new tax to pay on goods and services has become a complete obsession for the costello/howard/reith government monster! This abundant ideological stuff was passed in the lower house, where government resides, and was being thrashed out in the senate, where it was opposed outright by the ALP and the Greens, conditionally by the Democrats and maybe/maybe not by Brian Harradine, who held the balance of power on this issue, aswell as the Telstra Privatisation bill and nearly every other bill. (Brian has had this power during Howard and Keating governments.) Finally Brian said that he couldn't pass this legislation because he felt it would be a burden to the most vulnerable in society and make poor people the losers. Konstrukto agrees with him. Below is a reconstruktion of liberal speek as they find out about Brian's position. Enjoy.

Howard leaves the building and takes PM1 to Queensland, getting away from it all, he drops in to see his old mate Les. While aloft, Mr Beasley calls and tells him not to get too downhearted, that tax reform is a good thing but maybe he should propose something that all the partys might like, rather than just a few ideologues like himself would go for.

Johnny is just Mr Missunderstood, somehow the Senate should pass his gear without blinking, but its all just bad Gough-Karma and he knows it.