Making fabulously savage cuts to

the education and training budgets

is Amanda's big thing, now thats all

sort of done, she's after something

else to do. Wearing bright yellow

plastic rain coats while visiting

higher education campuses, as she

said, "to keep clean", was one of her

beaut lines, there are too many to

remember, after a while we at

Konstrukto simply glazed over

whenever she is mentioned, as

we believe the rest of the country

did aswell, Australians being so

fickle at the present time that she

is bound to loose her seat at the next

election. Her other greatest achievement

was the creation of a fake family

who she presented to parliament

as an example of the type of people

who are rorting the system, the

system she had to clean up.

A massive cover-up, bungled aswell,

ensued and it all got messy until

everyone glazed over.