Konstrukto Spies at Adelaide Rally

Hanson's Adelaide One Nation launch was one of the most violent yet and it was her supporters who made sure of that!

The Hanson Party Machine World Domination Tour!

In a bizarre and stupid new twist in contemporary Australian History, the emergence of the Pauline Hanson One Nation Party,(which is the mainstream equivilent of right-wing extremist organisations like the League of Nations and National Action), has invented a new ultra low level of patriotic ritual and one-dimensional rhetoric. This is typified by what occured at the Adelaide meeting, witnessed by Konstrukto spies, who smuggled out the words of a song devoted to Pauline as Leader of a movement of disgruntled whingers, who re-proclaim the "White Australia Policy", with "Assimilation" and nostalgic properganda movies, "guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of any true patriot", as Adviser Oldfield firmly asserted to the largely middle-aged faithful.
Gathered inside the European Convention Center, Hanson sits down as the lyrics go up with an overhead projector. She seemed embarrased, but someone within the support movement had decided they needed a sing along, to the rousing strains of "Onward Christian Soldiers", ofcourse. Here, for your pleasure, are some of the lyrics. Get the family together and sing . . . . . .
Pauline's Song:

Onward, Aussie battlers, Marching as to war, Looking for a leader, Who will call the score.

Pauline is our mouthpiece, Pointing out the foe, forward into battle, See how truth will go.

Name each greedy traitor, Selling out our land; Let us join the growing army, Give Pauline a hand!

Onward, Aussie battlers, Marching as to war, Pauline we're behind you, Help us call the score!

Within One Nation there is active denial of any similarity to the Nazi's in the Weimarr Republic of Germany in the 1930's, yet it's all there. The basic and instinctual appeal to racial intolerance as an answer for economic problems, is classic Nazi and Italian Facsist territory. While the Fuhrer and the Duce dressed themselves as fashionable Militarists, Hanson is dressed as the Average person, or as the Everyman. Hanson proclaims a distrust for the large partys. She takes it personally, rebuking criticism of her as being criticism of her supporters, she evokes the conspiracy theory that the big partys and self interest groups are out to silence her, the voice of downtrodden bigotry. She is dangerous because of the apparent license she gives for others to espouse mean-mindedness as an answer for economic problems. She creates social problems from economic ones. She allows Howard to look moderate when the current government is dangerously uncaring and should be the main focus of criticism for its social and economic policys. One Nation creates a new benchmark for unwarranted punishment of difference in a community which has always been Multicultural. Governments and civic leaders should emphasise tolerance and fairness, For All of Us, in the true sence of the phrase. With Hanson and her dubious controllers creating their party machine, the outpouring of paranoia can only give Howard free reign to create Australia in the models of Thatcher and Menzies. But intelligent arguement doesnt work with Hanson, she uses distrust and raw emotion to deny facts and play to the inherent bigotry of the Australians who believe that their place in the sun is being eclipsed by someone else and that these people have to be punished.